The Education Imperatives for Today's Investors

Insights from the Investment Education panel

Meet the Panel

New investors are flocking to online platforms in droves, driven by their interest in exciting topics such as crypto, big tech and weed. An effective education program is key to sustaining new accounts, ensuring they’re aware of the foundations essential to a positive DIY investing experience such as analysis, diversification, position sizing and risk management.

Attendees of Trading Central’s tenth Online Broker Summit in Chicago on April 3rd had the pleasure of tuning in to the thought-provoking opinions of a panel of investment education experts. Surrounded by global leaders of the retail online brokerage industry, the panel was moderated by Tom Sosnoff, Co-CEO of tastytrade, and included:

• Christine Zalzal, Vice President, Scotia iTRADE

• Sunayna Tuteja, Head of Strategic Partnerships, TD Ameritrade

• Jeff Chiappetta, Vice President of Trading Services, Schwab

• Jennifer Barrett, Chief Education Officer, Acorns

The death of traditional education?

Tom kicked off the session with a good laugh at the irony of moderating a panel centered around education… His views on “traditional education” are both well-known and unfavourable. Rather, he believes that building a new generation of confident and informed investors will be achieved through the creation of interactive, approachable and relevant content. As he explained his views, it became clear that this sentiment was felt across the entire panel and that the industry is witnessing a fundamental shift in how consumers “learn” online.

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